Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ladybug Dress

For some reason this dress I made for my friend Niki reminds me of a ladybug. Her little girl is as cute as a little ladybug and her little boy as cute as a little manlybug.

Dress is the Itty Bitty Baby Dress from Made By Rae. I decided to try snaps at the top of this dress instead of the ties like Rae does.

These adorable shoes are my standby baby gift. They are a modified version of the Cloth Baby Shoe from Joanna of Stardust Shoes

The flower just added a little extra because who doesn't LOVE polka dots.

The bow is just a curled ribbon bow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable...

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable toting around or wearing homemade stuff. Not because I am ashamed of my sewing skills ( I have improved so much in the last year I am far from ashamed) but rather because I can see all the flaws. I made it so I know where every little missed stitch, or bunched fabric or winged pocket is in everything I make. While others see it and compliment my sewing ability I wonder if they are secretly finding every mistake or un-cut thread. Is that a little crazy or what?
My diaper bag is probably one of the very few exceptions to this rule. I love to say, "Yeah, I made it" because even though it has some flaws, it was super challenging and turned out pretty great. I love the shape and the fabric just as much as the day I finished it, and that's the point right.
The lining was a red tag fabric at Joann's and I only bought enough for the bag and every time I think of that it makes me sad I don't have more.

Those pockets are the stuff-and-go necessity pockets for having a baby

Friday, June 17, 2011

Carseat Cover for Baby Elijah

 I tried something new with this cover and put a loop for a toy on the inside. That was the main reason I took Elizabeth's off of her seat. I might be retrofitting hers to have a loop.

Little suits are oh so cute

Why is it that everything is cuter in miniature? Well I think it is and this vest and pants suit are no exception.

Carseat Cover for Baby Cash

My Friend Janelle had a baby a few months ago and I made this carseat cover for her. He is as cute as button and makes this cover look so good.